Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tunes on tuesday 061510

Who's ready for some new music?! Sweet! Meeee too!

Allison Iraheta ft. Orianthi--> Don't Waste the Pretty

I think I might be considering myself a big fan of Allison soon... I definitely like Scars better, but this isn't bad! I don't see it making it huge, but we'll see.

Dennis Ferrer--> Hey Hey

Mmmm... Definitely not my thing... maybe it'll give you a better taste.

Fantasia--> Bittersweet

Holy crap! She's still trying to get mainstream music?! I had no idea! I'm always a fan of the Idols. This is a pretty song... I can dig it.

iSH--> Priceless

Interesting name. Kinda a lame song. Maybe if I play it again later and blast it I'll change my mind... Maybe.

Kelly Rowland--> Rose Colored Glasses

Love. That's really all I wanna say.

Switchfoot--> Your Love is a Song

Hmmm.... It's chill.... not bad... They kinda come out of nowhere sometimes, right?! It's definitely listenable.

Eric Church--> Smoke a Little Smoke

Uber chill and fun. Totally a BBQ jammer. A singalong song that everyone will love.

Julianne Hough--> Is That So Wrong?

I love this song!!! It's so cute! Maybe one of my faves in a few weeks.

That's all for this week! Enjoy!


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