Wednesday, June 30, 2010

truth orr.... truth.

When I first kicked off my freakin' amazing idea to play Truth or Dare, I was pumped! People seemed into it and even MTV thought it was pretty great.

BUT! Ya know when you're playing, and everyone keeps picking Truth?! It gets kinda lame.

All I've been getting are Truths on my formspring!

Yikes. I better knock on wood and thank you guys for even playing, actually. I can't be taking you for granted! I guess I just want to express my desire to be challenged. K? K.

Onto my Truths:

Here's the "picture proof" that I haven't changed in over 23 years:

I can promise you without a doubt that this won't change me, no matter what the outcome. I won't let it. Even if I did, I have an amazing group of people who will slap me in the face if I do.

Keep 'em comin', kids! I'm diggin' any interaction I can get!


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