Tuesday, June 22, 2010

nifty: outox- your new lifesaver

If this isn't the most genius invention ever to hit this planet, I don't know what is.

It's called Outox, but that means nothing to you.

What it does: Un-drunks you. No really. It claims to decrease your level of hammered-drunk just by drinking one can! It also prevents hangovers!

Scientifically speaking: it does something along the lines of breaking down your blood cells or alcohol in them so that your BAC is lowered, you feel less drunk, and you can function better.

Ummmm... Can we say HELL YES?!

Sure it probably doesn't completely take away your intoxication, but at least you can try to prevent any "oh no what the H did I do last night"s before they happen!

I'm in love. I don't care if they were invented in France, I want to order a lifetime's supply right now.

Sugar Daddy, where you at?! I need you! Pronto!


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