Wednesday, June 23, 2010

let's play truth or dare!!

I was uber bored last night and was trying to figure out a way to entertain myself on Twitter besides stalking everyone I know and bugging the S out of all of you...

Then... DING! I had an idea! Let's play Twitter Truth or Dare!!!!

How it's going to work: You can submit your Truths or Dares to me on Twitter or Formspring, I will complete at least one a day, and then post it. Once it's posted, I'm allowed to do the same thing back to you. [If you dare me, I dare you...]

I think it's going to be TOTALLY fun! I'm really pumped!

Here's what went down last night:

The Truths:

I'll be honest... Some things I really don't like to answer... But I hate being the p-word in such a game. I'll answer anything... Just make it good.

The Dares:

[I thought I'd wait a little longer to break out my white-girl dance, but apparently not. You're welcome for completing your life with it.]

For the record, I did challenge him back! But he has yet to complete it... You can bet your bottom dollar it'll be posted if he ever does!

That's all for now! I have some more to complete as of now, and hopefully even more after you read this! Yay this is going to be fun!


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