Friday, April 23, 2010

watch: the monoxitube

Last weekend I applied for a random Craigslist video project and I had no idea what I was getting into.... but I needed the money. Bad.

It turned out to be really cool! You see, this guy invented a new eco-friendly product for the environment. It's called the Monoxitube. Basically- you attach a tube from your exhaust to your window.

We filmed the infomercial for it, so watch!

I totally channeled my inner Billy Mays, especially at the end!

And alright, you caught us. It's a fake product. BUT! It's for Earth Day/Week, and he wanted to bring awareness to all you polluters!

Finally I can check one thing off the bucket list: Being a part of a crazy product's infomercial.



Anonymous said...

This is great Beth! I sat here and laughed for the duration of the video!

Another David said...

LOL! Great video, I'd definitely pay $40 for that pool vacuum hose.