Wednesday, April 21, 2010

local limelight 042110

I took a week off of Local Limelight last week to let our first ever Legend, Eddie Smotkin, take a victory lap! This week it's back to business!

Two people, two completely different areas, two completely different sounds. One competition.

Ciara Corr is from New York City, and you make have heard her song on Tunes on Tuesday before, but after releasing a new edit of her song, I had to include her in the Local Limelight!

Her single is called "Get My Way," this is the club remix, and it's a woman's anthem, in my opinion.

Hope is doin' his thing down in Florida and has always had amazing talent. I've known him for years and even my mom likes his music. [It even made her cry! What?!]

His single, "Gotta Have Hope," is another song for the ladies, but obviously in a different way. It's cute.

Listen, then vote. You know the drill.

Who will be making their journey to become the next Local Limelight?! Will they be able to do it?! We shall see!


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