Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hot or not?!: badio's girl at the mall

It's time for a new Local Limelight!

This week we're kickin' it with a familiar face here on love, elizabethany: Badio!

He's got a new track called "Girl at the Mall," and I want you to let me know: Is it HOT or NOT?!

And the polling doesn't end there! Eddie Smotkin has FOUR wins under his belt, and is ONE win away from becoming my first Local Limelight Legend! Can Badio take that away from him?!

Ooohh this is going to be exciting! We'll find out by Tuesday night who the winner is!

Remember: Tune in to every Wednesday morning from 8-11 for the elizabethany show!



Unknown said...

badio ftw!!!!


Anonymous said...

who goes to the mall to pick up girls anymore? are you still in 5th grade?? badio is waaaack. my vote goes to smotkin.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE Eddie Smotkin. And I heard he's got a fat one.

Anonymous said...

badio is easily the worst yet. big ups to eddie smots!