Monday, March 29, 2010

watch: joe biden is drunk!

Our president smokes ciggies, and now it's lookin' like our VP knows how to booze!

Apparently Joe Biden is a big fan of The Villages in Florida and their uber-early happy hour specials.

I'm always a little skeptical when these videos come out... Is it really him?!

All signs point to yes.

Before you get all "doesn't he have better things to do?" I think you should think like me: "How can I party with this guy pronto?!"

He'd probably be even cooler to party with than Bill Gates. No wait. He definitely would be. I just laughed out loud at a 30 second clip. Imagine the possibilities a few hours could bring.

Our country is headed in the right direction: Happiness.


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Chris said...

Hmm...Wow...I do not know what to say!