Monday, March 29, 2010

creative anti-smoking ads

If you know me in real life, you know that there's one thing I'll probably end you in Never-Have-I-Ever-With: Never have I ever smoked a cigarette.

I'm pretty much a walking truth advertisement, come to think of it. I hate smoking. They say hate is a strong word, and I don't even think it's strong enough.

Anyway, before I get all crazy, I just wanted to show you some of these cool anti-smoking ads. Some people get really creative with it!

All I'm sayin' is... Don't smoke. I don't judge, but if you blow smoke in my face, prepare to see angry ebeth.... And I shall warn you: She's no one you want to meet. [/PSA]

How clever are they, though?! Lovin' em.



Unknown said...

We're practically BFFs ;) My grandmother died of lung cancer & if anyone near me is smoking, I flip out. LOVE these ads!!

btw, I'm not RW Callie, but my name really IS Callie in real life. haha.

Anonymous said...

I think these ads are extremely clever. Thanks for posting! You are rad.