Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tunes on tuesday 030210

Tuesday, how my iPod loves you.

We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato--> We'll Be A Dream

Toby Knapp told me these guys would be huge. I enjoy this song. They've got good stuff. I hate to say it, but he might be right.

One eskimO--> Kandi

Hmmm.. this is one of those songs I don't understand how it could be popular, but it's probably going to be huge just like Firefly. Ugh.

Mann ft. Jason Derulo--> Text

Oh, hello song that has simple lyrics and a new guy who sounds just like everyone and features someone who's on top of his game right now. [I think my anger towards the Bachelor is rubbing off right now.]

Spose--> I'm Awesome

He sounds just like Asher Roth and I Love College, and for that reason, this ridiculous song that was probably a joke will be all over the airwaves.

2 Pistols ft. Jason Derulo--> Redonkulous
Another song with JD, imagine that! ;) Okay, okay... This song is actually funny and I can jiggy on down with it, so it will be added to the playlist!

Little Big Town--> Little White Church
Not my favorite song of theirs, but it's good if you like country music.

Gloriana--> The World Is Ours Tonight
I think they're great. I expected this to be a bit different, but it's a pretty song. Worth your time, fo sho.

Christopher Michael Johnson--> You're Invited
What a fun little party/Country song! Who's this guy? I don't know, but I like him!

Jonalee White--> Naked As Fools
She has a classic country sound to her. It's a quirky, cute song.

Toby Keith--> Every Dog Has Its Day
I don't think I give him enough credit sometimes. This guy has great songs. They're not something that's been done before.

Not a whole lot today, I know! I apologize, but not my fault! We'll have plenty next week, I bet.


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