Tuesday, March 2, 2010

because you want to know: the bachelor

Here comes another one of my ranting posts on something because I know you care about how I think. I will even make this interesting for those of you who don't watch what I shall now talk about.

Now that I've gotten my cockiness out of the way, let's talk about The Bachelor Finale.

First of all... I think you all should know I've been watching these stupid shows religiously for the past bunch of seasons. I've loved everyone they've picked [with the exception of Jillian], and I would have gone on the show to meet Jake if I had even an ounce of heart to give at this time.

That being said, what an idiot.

I didn't really agree with anything he did throughout the whole season, but I figured hey, this guy is smart. He's obviously a good guy. He's super in love with both of these girls, but he's got to realize Tenley is perfection, and Vienna is... Well.... borderline horse/transvestite combination.

If you didn't watch the show, here's what he had to choose from last night:

Tenley on the right, Horse-face on the left.

Tenley is the cute little innocent girl who is perfect for Mom, and that she was. She had the "special emotional moments" with his family, and they absolutely loved her. Everyone on the show hated Vienna. The other girls, his family seemed to... The fans!

Tenley= Well spoken. Knows herself, is smart... Just nothing bad about her. Vienna can't answer a question to save her life without sounding like an idiot. She also clearly has something wrong with her eyes. I don't know if she can't look at someone in the eye, or if she has a lazy eye. Either way, it's impossible to look at her talk.

If all of that isn't bad enough, she's basically Paris Hilton's clone.


If you didn't already figure it out, SPOILER ALERT! Vienna gets picked. Jake proposes. The nation gets pissed.

Look at how Tenley reacts when she knows her heart is breaking... I think this shows her character better than anything, and it made me bawl like a kid on their first day of pre-school.

Gah. She's the most optimistic person, and it rubs off instead of making you want to hit her! She rocks.

Anyway... This is the third freakin' time in a row I've hated the outcome of these shows. Sure, I'm glad Molly and Jason are getting married and Melissa has a better life without him, but I was mad at the time.

I say this will 100% certainty that it's not true, but!: I will never watch this show again.

However, I will root for Ali, the next Bachelorette who I of course love, to make the right decisions.

I will also root for Jake in Dancing With The Stars.

Hmph. I don't see myself getting over this anytime soon. I scowled the whole time while watching "After the Final Rose." I did crack a chuckle when they brought out Jeffrey Osbourn to sing "On The Wings Of Love," though. How cheesy. They even did a cheesy dance. Stupid.

Please. Tell me, fellas... [Or, ladies, pretend you're a guy...] Who would you have picked based on pictures alone? Maybe videos, too. I don't want to lead you in one direction or another..............

I do want to thank the Bachelor for making me a girl for a couple hours a week while I watched the show. Isn't romance so cute? Ugh.


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Ashley said...

I watched this season religiously, and loved Tenley from the beginning. It's sick how much he tried to find something wrong with her. Evenutally he'll get tired of throwing himself on top of trampy and realize the mistake he made. Sadly, I will be tuned in next season as well.