Monday, March 1, 2010

the real world dc: as we saw it, andrew talks about the balcony incident

Happy Monday, peeps! As you know, we've been doing these special editions of The Real World DC, As We Saw It podcasts on Mondays whenever we can so you can get an even more in depth look into the show!

This week we had to know more about Andrew's fall off the balcony! Just like you, we were left a little worried!

Was he hurt badly? Was it really Ty's fault?! What happened after the fall?!

We called Andrew to find out the scoop. He actually blames others along with Ty! Find out why below. Hopefully there won't be any "to be continueds"....

Alright, alright... Stay tuned for more after the episode! I promise! It may even be a "special" version of the podcast.... More on that later, too!

Thank you subscribers and downloaders and listeners and fans! Looooove ya! ;)


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