Tuesday, March 9, 2010

nifty: the professor x chair

Forget any cool cars/vehicles, party favors/gadgets, anything really, that I've told you in the past was the most amazing thing ever. They've officially been outdone.

Something called the Professor X Chair may not seem like the coolest thing ever to grace this earth, but it is.

It's an electric wheelchair that has cranberry/vodka on tap, and a smoking wizard wand thing. [If you think you would ever need more in like, you're not my friend... Although I would enjoy it more if the cranberry juice was OJ...]

Flipping amazing, right?! Holy moly. The thing BUBBLES and SMOKES!!!

When I'm old and can't walk [in ten years thanks to these bum knees I have], I want to roll around one of these, still being the life of the party.

I can only hope that my suddenly-ballin' BFF who showed this to me can pitch in and help with this cause. The sooner I have it, the better.


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