Tuesday, March 23, 2010

nifty?: bakon vodka

If you didn't know, I'm a huge vodka fan. I'll drink it straight out of the bottle, especially if it's Burnett's. [Yeah, I said it. The cheap stuff. 8$ for a bottle. The Woodbridge girl's official drink of choice.]

I normally reach straight for the cherry flavored stuff, but I'm still looking to try pink lemonade, and really anything fruity. Chocolate vodka scares me because I don't want to hate chocolate, and coffee/tea vodka sounds like the worst thing ever.

... Well... Until now.

They've officially started making meat flavored liquor, my friends. First up: Bacon-flavored Bakon Vodka. I S you not.

Gross. I can't even imagine. It must be like taking your bacon and cooking it in vodka.

Wait... Maybe.... hmmm...

Well, they have some recipes for everyone to try out with this "premium" new vodka. I'm going to say I'm not a bacon fan and wait for you all to tell me what you think after you taste it, ok? Kgreat.


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