Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tunes on tuesday 032310

Tuesday, how I love thee.

School Gyrls ft. Mariah Carey--> Get Like Me

Never expected to hear Mariah on someone's track who I've never heard of. The song is rather boring, and has the random chipmunk sound chiming in. I wanna say they have talent, but this song is not showing it.

Black Eyed Peas--> Rock That Body

No downtime for Black Eyed Peas... They're back! Another song to totally get you pumped to go out. They're on a roll.

J Brazil--> Girl, I'm Tryin'

I totally dig this. He doesn't have amazing singing talent, but his look is fun and I love the remake of a classic song, from the guy's point of view.

Ke$sha--> Your Love is My Drug

Also on a roll: Ke$ha. I have hopes for her to take over Gaga's spot. I enjoy this. A lot.

M'Black--> Heartbreak

It's slow with a techno background.. Meh.. Not my favorite.

Colt Ford--> Chicken and Biscuits
Homeboy raps and sings country, and is doin' it all on her own. His rapping is a little... mmm... off, but it's a fun song once it gets goin'.

Kelli Pickler--> Makin' Me Fall In Love Again
I'm glad she's got something new out! I totally like her music. This is no exception. It's cute.

Brad Paisley--> Water
His songs are always about something... This song is his love affair with water... What?! I think I'm really missing his old stuff.

Jake Owen--> Tell Me
He's also on a roll... In the country world. I'm a fan.

If you're a Day26 fan, Willie's mix tape, "Sextape", is uber sexual and you'll probably love it.

That's all for today! Enjoy!


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