Friday, March 12, 2010

morning hangover 031210

Good morning and Happy Middle Name Pride Day!! My middle name is FAY!

  • Vote for Noel to be STA's World Traveler Intern. It'll take you 2 seconds, and you'll feel good for helping someone afterward. :)
  • American Apparel finally found the best bums on the planet.
  • Skydiving= so yesterday. Now you gotta do crazy tricks while falling.
  • 18 more reasons to play on Chatroulette. I need to do this again soon.
  • Want to drum with Animal?! There's an app for that.
  • Guys, we appreciate you. So much, someone has come up with 50 reasons why that may surprise you.
  • Need some new insults to add to your collection? Shakespearean insults are always good... Maybe.
  • This high school would rather cancel prom than allow two girls to go together.
  • The Giant Oarfish is maybe the scariest thing I've ever seen. I will not be going to Japan.
  • Meet Mr. Burns, if he were real.
  • Look how fun iPhone magnets are!
  • If you wear these, I can not consider you my friend.
  • Make this picture full-screen, stare at it for a bit, then look around the room.
  • The death metal version of "I'm On A Boat."

  • These Asian guys have me dying of laughter... And how does the guy behind them not notice?!

  • 5 second movies are sweet.

  • All actors have one movie that's released after their death. Here's a clip from Corey Haim's new movie, coming out next month.

  • Lady Gaga's new Telephone video is more weird than ever. And she definitely solves the "does she have a P" issue.

That's all for now! Happy FRIDAY!


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