Friday, March 12, 2010

the real world dc: as we saw it, meet pandrea!

Another week of The Real World DC: As We Saw It!! Sorry we were MIA last week, but NYC and the reunion show taping were calling. [Even though thanks to a certain someone's phone call to the production company, we got DENIED entry.]

We had to finish talking to Andrew, AKA Panda, and then find out all the deets on his new girlfriend, Andrea! Because they're living in a celebrity world, I'm glad someone in our MTV live chat came up with "Pandrea."

Listen to what happened in the ambulance, how the two met, and why Andrea should be taken seriously... despite her curvy model figure and appearance.

[You'll have to excuse the awkward, not so hott quality of this episode. Unfortunately the studio was unavailable for me to use, so we had to be a little ghetto and use Skype.]

You're welcome to the iTunes subscribers who got to download this last night! ;) THANK YOU to all that listen!

Who else should we talk to this week?! Leave your comments below, and we'll talk to them by Monday!


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