Monday, March 1, 2010

morning hangover 030110

Good morning! Happy MARCH! Wow. Can you believe it?! Not I.

  • Bill Simmons of ESPN Radio talked about our favorite show: The Real World: DC.
  • The tsunamis in Hawaii were kind of a bust, but here are some videos of what went down.
  • BONUS: My friend was in Oahu and sent this picture of her house right before it happened and it made me jealous. That is all.
  • The Olympics' past is full of sore losers.
  • I think everyone thought Raven would be the hotter of the grown up Cosby Show girls.... False.
  • You think your dog is great? Pfftt. I bet it's not one of the 8 most heroic.
  • If I actually worked in an office, I'd be sure to have this in my desk.
  • A little comic actionfor your pleasure:
  • Oooh... Barbie FAIL.
  • I wanna party with the Canadian women's hockey team!
  • This is obnoxious.
  • Apparently the cool new thing to do is make scuptures out of crayons.
  • The Olympic pictograms are a lot more important than I thought.

  • This is totally one of the scariest things I've watched in a while. I bet he's the biggest ladies man in all the land.

  • The State of the Internet:

That's all for this morning, dolls! Enjoy the beginning of March!


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