Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hot or not?!: fuzzy g's lady in the water

Another Wednesday morning has come and gone and I did my usual show on Party934!! That means I had another person to introduce you to for the Local Limelight!

This week's focus: Fuzzy G.

You may recognize him from Wicked Liquid, the band on Real World DC. He's the guitarist, and he's freakin' talented.

He does his own solo thing on the side, and this is the song he picked for me to feature this morning. It's called "Lady in the Water," and I need you to decide: Is it HOT or NOT?!

Now... Can he become a Local Limelight Legend?! [By winning 5 weeks!] Eddie Smotkin won it last week against D-Why!.. Who moves on this week?!

We shall see who the first LLL will be!


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