Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tunes on tuesday 020910

YAY! It's new music day on love, elizabethany!

Before we get started, I want everyone to know that if you have new music you've heard and want to share, PLEASE do so! Leave a link, title, artist, whatever you want in the comment box below and I will absolutely share it next week! PLUS! Everyone who reads this page will see it as well!

If you're a producer or an artist yourself, 2 things- 1) Don't add me to your email list or message me a million times to listen to your stuff. I'll get annoyed and hate you for life. Leave comments below. 2) I'm hosting a radio show starting tomorrow that will feature local music. If you think you have something worth airtime, let me know! Maybe you'll hear it over the airwaves!

Now, onto the music!

Shontelle--> Impossible

I really enjoy this chic. I think she's a little underrated, to be honest. This song is really, really pretty and the words are fantabulous.

Lil Wayne--> On Fire

Anything Weezy does is going to be "On Fire"... Bahaha. I'm actually meh about it, but I'm sure everyone else will go nuts. [BTW- He's on his way to jail today. Though I could care less, apparently everyone's devastated that he'll be away for 8 months.]

Train--> Hey, Soul Sister

Train is back and I actually totally dig this song! It has a bit of an old school sound, and it'll be refreshing to hear in-between all of the Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas.

Demarco--> Show It

This sound just isn't anything new. I'm assuming that's what will make some people like it, but I'm starting to be so over it.

Ron Browz--> Cheese and Crackers

Stop it. Why is this a real song about to hit the radio waves?! SOMEONE please tell me this is a joke. "Cheese and Crackers"?!?!?

Jimmy Wayne/Whitney Duncan--> Just Knowing You Love Me
Precious little song about how love is all that matters. I enjoy Jimmy Wayne

Ashley Harris--> Unfinished Woman
I can normally tell within a couple seconds if I'll like a song, and this song starts out in a great, strong way. Officially saved.

That's actually it for today! Not a lot, I know! The snow must be getting to the music industry, too!

Enjoy! I look forward to hearin' from ya!


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