Thursday, February 4, 2010

the real world dc: as we saw it, week 6!

Ahh! We're ONE EPISODE away from the halfway mark!
This week we finally saw a little more job action, but more importantly- less Ty/Emily, and a pretty yucky fight between Ashley and Andrew.

If you didn't get to join us last night for our live chat, you should replay it! It has all of our on-the-spot reactions to what was going on and oh yeah... Ashley joined us!

Lucky for us, she also joined us for the first time on tonight's episode of The Real World DC: As We Saw It! Of course we had to talk about the fight and just to make sure everything was really okay, we decided to give Mr. Panda a call too!

Yes! TWO roommates in ONE podcast! Bug and Panda! You're welcome! ;)

Now that it's all settled, make sure that A) you plan on joining us right here next week for our live chat! It starts at 9:45, and the first 25 people to say something will be uncensored for the rest of the night so don't be late! B) Stay warm and safe this weekend if you're in the DMV! The Snowgasm/Snowpocalypse round 2/Snowmageddon is coming! AHHHH!



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