Thursday, February 4, 2010

morning hangover 020410

Good morning, dolls and Happy Birthday Gumby!

  • Best. Game. Ever! Tetris and Snake combined into one!
  • If you're smart enough to fake your way into Harvard, I'd say you should stay there.
  • Today's Virgin Mary?!: She has no vijay, but she's PREGGERS! What?!
  • Oohh SEXY TIME!!: 11 glorious FUPAs.
  • How well do you know women and sex?! I think you'll be surprised...
  • How you should spend your Valentine's Day: Learning about animals and their sex at "Woo at the Zoo" at the National Zoo! I'll BE THERE!
  • Bonus animal stuff: Holiday the reindeer has gotten a prosthetic leg.
  • People ask really dumb questions on Yahoo etc... And sometimes people answer really hilariously.
  • At least Heidi Montag is admitting she looks like a freak.
  • FYI: You're only allowed to complain in restaurants sometimes.
  • BTW: Who wants to go play at a restaurant that encourages bathroom sex?!
  • Is it bad that I don't even want to think about being with someone for 80 years?! That's a long freakin' time.
  • A 9 year old gave birth. 9 freakin' years old.
  • Fellas- You don't have to buy a bunch of stuff only for your lady next weekend! Here are some great things to buy yourself on Feb. 14!
  • 15 really great Facebook FAILS. 'Nuff said.
  • He really wants some Super Bowl tickets.
  • Ohhh these are so inappropriate.
  • Who knew Snooki could look so normal?!
  • Oh no! It's like the Tunnel of Doommm!
  • Mel Gibson called a reporter/show host an a-hole, and it's funny.

  • Haven't girls learned not to dance on chairs in front of cameras by now?!

  • Thank you, Asian sensations, who create randomly fantastic commercials like so:

  • Now you know you're dog doesn't really like you until he smiles as ya.

  • This is going to be epic! HBO's new show: Funny or Die.

Everyone enjoy your Thursday! Talk to ya soon!


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