Monday, February 1, 2010

the real world dc: as we saw it, meet mike!

I know it's Monday, but if you listened to last Thursdays The Real World DC: As We Saw It podcast with Josh, you should be expecting this new podcast!

We're not talking about specific episodes today, we're just giving Mr. Mike Manning a call to talk a little about everything.

What's he doing now? What happened with his job interview at HRC? Who could he resemble? What kinds of people does he find most attractive, and who was the most attractive in the house?

You asked us. We asked him. He answered. Now you listen:

Again, another thanks to Mike for talking to us, and all of you who have subscribed, downloaded, and emailed us great questions []! Talk to you again on Thursday night!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When i first saw one of your videos of you trying to find the cast members arriving..i was like this girl is sooo awesome (: mike is definitley my favorite cast member ever (: keep making your awesome videos, bye :D

-jacob davidson