Tuesday, February 2, 2010

morning hangover 020210

Good morning and Happy Groundhog Day! Bad news: Punsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning. Hellooooo more snow.

Sorry for starting your morning like that. I'm a terrible person. Let's have some fun!

  • The search for the best booty... American Apparel sure knows how to make a girl think less of her assets. There are some nice butts on there.
  • Apparently DC is the hottest state in the US. I call false statement, but I guess since Katherine Heigl represents us, it's true. VA and MD are a little further down on the list.
  • Virginia earns plus points for possibly raising the speed limit, but negative points for preventing people from avoiding the Dulles Toll Road.
  • Hilarious: If everyone on the Internet told the truth.
  • One of my first eTV companions, Reno, is now pictured on these Pride Greetings! What a hottie!
  • Forget the Botox! Look younger by EATING!
  • The most influential black people on viral videos... To kick off Black History Month.
  • Don't make your coworkers hate you. Make sure you have the proper office etiquette.
  • The reason moms are late to pick up their kids from daycare and school: They're having affairs.
  • This is really freakin' cool. Nominees, presenters, etc at the Golden Globes signed this car to be auctioned off to donate money to Haiti. Love.
  • The coolest candles ever, because you're interested.
  • I don't think I enjoy the new Monopoly.
  • Awkward family photos... Oh how I love you.
  • I guess we can no longer argue whether or not Gaga is a man.
  • Some people just really don't understand this here Internet.
  • The Kardashians and new baby Mason visited Ryan Seacrest yesterday... In case you care.

  • Hey 'tard... Here's a thought... Maybe you shouldn't drive your SUV INTO THE OCEAN!

  • Oh my. Check out Rush Limbaugh's dancing skills.

Enjoy your day and the rest of Winter. Ugh.


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