Friday, January 8, 2010

watch: world's most talented man

One thing I've learned today: If I want to win a talent show, I need to step my game up.

How I learned it: By watching this video of a man who seems to be able to do anything under the sun.

It's unfair, really... That one person can do so many cool things. I don't even know what impresses me the most!! Probably the colored blocks, though. I've never seen such a thing!

Ugh, and if he stares at me one more time after doing so many tricks, I'm going to be forced to tackle him and break a leg or something so he can't do it anymore. That's just mean. He's practically screaming "beat that, bitch." Rude!

OK, OK... I'll stop hating now. You win, dude. You're the best ever created....


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