Friday, January 8, 2010

nifty website: nobody likes you

Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually a very optimistic and loving person. That being said, I love all things that hate. I enjoy hating out loud. I also enjoy being honest about my opinions.

Okay. Enough about me and my interests.

There's this absolutely fantabulous website that takes a look at all-things-annoying and tells the people straight up: "Nobody Likes You."

Now, I should warn you, you're probably going to find yourself on there a few times. It may hurt a little. It's going to be okay, though. The stab through the heart only lasts a little while...

They told me they didn't like me 3 times within the first page. Ouch.

I wear half-zip sweaters, say FML way too much, and love to use commas whenever possible.

BUT! It's okay! Because there's a million other things that they don't like that I absolutely hate too!

The overly affectionate Facebook picture

Boat shoes... You're NOT on a boat

"Bitches who ain't shit"

"Quotemeister".. I don't care if you know every line of every movie because I don't.


Gah. I can see a long, fantastic relationship ahead with this website and me. No worries, though. We'll never have an affectionate picture...


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