Tuesday, January 19, 2010

watch ellen: darius and demetrice return

A couple months ago, Ellen had 10 year old twins that she found on YouTube come and sing and uhh.. They were awesome.

They're cute, funny, and probably breakin' all the girls hearts.

And since the last time they were on her show, they've apparently gotten a lot more friends.

..They also broke their dad's TV.

So, she had them on again yesterday to sing again so they could replace the broken TV. Obviously you're going to need to listen to their amazingness.

Look at their moves! They're like today's version of half of the Jackson 5!! Okay... So I guess I'm going a little far with my comparisons... Whatever.

I heart them. They're some of my faves on Ellen for sure.


PS: Also on yesterday's Ellen- Jake the Bachelor. It sounds like he's not going to pick anyone in the end.... Interesting.

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