Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the hottest disney men

It's totally normal to have a crush on a cartoon character, I swear. I once had a friend that was obsessed with Ariel. Seriously. I think he woulda given anything to marry her.

With that being said, it's absolutely OK for someone to make this list of the hottest Disney characters ever.

10. Captain Hook. Meh. I don't see it.

9. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. I'm not sure who created this picture, but damn. He should be up AT LEAST a few spots.

8. Thomas from Pocahontas... Played by Christian Bale

7. Jafar. Again... He's way too creepy and reminds me a little of Michael Jackson for some reason.

6. Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. Holy moly. If there was any way to get me more excited for this movie, he's it.

5. Roger from 101 Dalmations. The nose is a bit much, but he does seem to be a lot of fun, eh?!

4. Aladdin. Again... These pictures! I need to try and contain myself.

3. Bert. Total cutie.

2. Gaston. Uhhh.. I'm scared.

1. Prince Eric. His hair is almost to perfection like Uncle Jesse's, but does he really beat everyone else?!

I seriously can't get over this new Disney prince. Wowzers. Someone make him real! I also feel like a pedophile looking at Aladdin like that. Woopsies.

Now, back to reality.


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