Monday, January 18, 2010

watch: brett favre and the vikings heart american idol

Q: What's better than watching the Vikings run all over the Cowboys then back up and do it again?!
A: Watching Brett Favre lead the team in "Pants on the Ground," as made popular by Larry Platt on American Idol, in celebration of the smashing. [Sidenote: Why have all of the playoffs been blowouts?! Annoying.]

I wonder if Larry Platt is a Vikings fan. Imagine the poop stain that would be in his pants when he watched that if he is...

Brett Favre- I love you for clearly being an Idol fan, while still remaining an old, hott, twice-retired quarterback in the playoffs. You're amazing.


PS: If you don't find it amazing, you probably need to watch the video of the debut of "Pants on the Ground." You're welcome.

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