Tuesday, January 12, 2010

on the racks: christina and blake take the covers

This month seems to be a fabulous one for magazine covers! Every one that I've seen has been totally share-worthy.

The latest: Christina Aguilera on Marie Claire and Blake Lively on Esquire!

I'm a huge fan of Blake Lively and I think Christina is finally looking good again! Thank goodness!

Both are working on movies with famous co-stars [Christina with Cher and Blake with Ben Affleck] and both are revamping their image, but as to what they each have to say:

“I have a sex scene in this film and that’s never comfortable, You think, ‘Oh, this is going to be so awkward.’ But this scene isn’t supposed to be a steamy one – it’s sort of tragic. … I’m pretty much crying in it.”
-Blake Lively about her role in "The Town," which portrays her as a woman going through sexual assault

“I didn’t want to do something that was easy for me. I’ve actually had my character rewritten to be tougher and a little more spunky.”
-Christina Aguilera about her role in "Burlesque"

I'm totally rooting for both of them! I have a good feeling about them both! Then again, "The Town" is directer by Ben Affleck, and he seems to be the kiss of death in the past 10 years.


PS: Sidenote: Ben Affleck totally has great things to say about Blake:

"She came in, did one reading, and just crushed it. Like, Boston accent — really good. I was sort of stunned. I said, ‘Jeez, you know, that was really f—ing good. Who are you?’ She didn’t mention that she was on a television show.”

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