Thursday, January 7, 2010

listen: the real world dc, as we saw it- episode 1

Just as promised, it's time to kick off the next adventure with Real World DC.

I showed you the premiere and finally found the cast, so now it's time to talk to them and see what they're thinking through all of this!

After watching the first two episodes, it has become very obvious that Andrew, AKA the Pimpin' Panda, is going to be the star of Real World's 23rd season.... So that's who we decided to call for this here kick-off podcast!

You'll have to listen to the entire [uber long but absolutely worth it] podcast to understand the hilarity that is "Drewbie," but I will tell you a few topics:
  • Reactions to the sudden super-stardom, of course
  • His very first "practice girl" [that was shown, anyway]
  • The panda hat, duh

And because he's the know-it-all of dating, we had to ask him to give us some tips on how to pick up guys/girls!

So, listen now and make sure to subscribe! [Click the button, silly! And- we'll be searchable on iTunes very soon so stay tuned!]

Thanks again to our darling Panda! You da best... Love ya!

If you have any questions for us or any of the roommates, email them to RWDC.AsWeSawIt[at]gmail[dot]com!!

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1 comment:

Eddie said...

Great job guys. EB, you are a great hostess, a real natural behind the mike. I really enjoy the insider's perspective that you both bring to this. What a great opportunity for us to hear from you and the castmembers about things we might have missed. Drew was a fun interview-a real good sport.

Thanks for doing this. Look forward to the next one.