Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy birthday to ellen!

So it's my BFF Ellen's 52nd Birthday today, which means we have to celebrate somehow, right?!

I figure I'll just share some videos from her show within the last week or so, since I can't physically be with her. [Though I am positive she'd invite me to any party she has, she just knows I can't afford to take the time to go out there.... She understands.]

Remember last year when Dennis Quaid was on her show and went to Starbucks?! It was freakin' GREAT! So, of course, she brought him back for more!

I'm glad it didn't become one of those "it's already been done, it can't be funny again" things... It could have been, and it probably will be if they do it again, but this one was just as great!

Next.. I'm OBSESSED with Modern Family. I'm lucky enough to have someone who will record shows so I can watch them [unless he gets sick of having "too much" on his DVR]. It's amazingly hilarious and you need to watch it. ANYWAY, back to Ellen.

She had Sofia Vergara on and of course, made her seem like an amazing, super funny person [which she probably is with or without E]. If I were a guy, I'd be in love right now.

True or false?: You want to do her right now.

And finally- Ellen's newest workout discovery- The 3 Minute Legs. Any time she finds a new workout device, it's like comedy magic.

[Side note: I don't see that thing working... But do the funny ones ever work?!]

Thank you, Ellen, for being my best [TV] friend, making me laugh, and giving me someone with a good reputation that I wouldn't mind going gay for. Happy Birthday!


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