Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tunes on tuesday 120809

WOOHOO! Tunes on Tuesday! Let's get right into it so you can get to work on downloading!

Cheryl Cole ft. will.i.am--> 3 Words

This song is a little weird to me, especially in the beginning. Yet, there's a part of me that really likes it. It's probably the will.i.am effect.

Danny Gokey--> My Best Days Are Ahead of Me

YES! I'm SO PUMPED about this one, I had to put it at the top! Mostly pumped because he's an Idol that got voted off too soon, and that always proves well for others. It seems like he's going with the Country side of things, and I'm 100% okay with that.

Three 6 Mafia ft. Tiesto--> Feel It

Eh... Three 6 never did tickle my fancy. I like the beat, for sure... But... that's about it.

Mario--> Thinkin' About You

I've always been a fan of Mario. His voice is really pretty, and so are his songs. They never make it huge, but I enjoy them, and you should too.

The Fray--> Syndicate

So they're a little emotional... I don't care. I like their sound.

Leona Lewis--> I Got You

Hmmm... I need her to do something besides start super slow, then pick up the beat, but still remain pretty slow. It is a pretty song, her voice is perfect for it, but I still need something different. Lyrics are good, though.

Carrie Underwood--> Temporary Home

My mom hates this song for whatever reason, I still say Carrie can do no wrong. It's slow, but beautiful. A little sad, but it's okay to like a sad song sometimes.

Carters Chord--> You Knock Me Out
It's cute, fun, upbeat... Enjoyable.

Megan--> Trading My Halo For Horns
Nice little girl-power song... Gettin' over a break-up, doin' your thang.. You know!

Not a whole lot to share today, I'm a little disappointed! Better some than none, though!

Enjoy the update!


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