Tuesday, December 15, 2009

top 13 things that are a bigger turnoff than you think

You know that everyone has a few bad habits that someone else finds super annoying. No one is perfect, nor is everyone super-tolerant.

BUT... Some things are easy to look past. So your lover snorts... Sometimes it's kind of cute.

Other things irk you more and more each time they happen, and most likely push you to the breaking point.

I asked you on Twitter, talked to some friends and coworkers, and came up with this list of
Underrated Relationship Deal Breakers.

Sure, cheating, committing a crime, not getting along with friends, or getting in a huge fight are obvious reasons to end a relationship... But these build up over time before you realize it, most likely resulting in a "we're done!" or an unanswered post-date phone call.

13. Talking too much
Does this need to be explained? Shut up and let the other person talk a little bit. The world doesn't revolve around you, and there are things around you worth observing. Absorb the moment.
Also included: Being cocky

12. Bad shoes
"Shoes tell a lot about people," says my hickey contest havin' BFF. Dirty shoes, dirty way of living. Ugly/weird shoes: Probably doesn't keep up with the times.
Also included: Bad fashion overall

11. Grammatical errors in text messages.
I'm not talking about the LOL, OMG, ur, etc... I'm talking about writing like a 3rd grader who doesn't know the difference between there, their, and they're. Go back to school and get an education.
Also included: Bad spellers

10. Not being equal in spending
Just because it's chivalrous for the man to pay for everything, doesn't mean he should have to do it every day, every meal. Split the bill, buy each other things.. Make spending relatively equal.
Also included: Being unappreciative

9. Being a picky eater
If you're going to date someone, you need to be open to doing things out of the ordinary. If you only eat well done, plain hamburgers, there's only so many places you can go for a date.
Also included: Vegans

8. Cussing
If you can't say it proudly to your grandma, don't say it at all. And if your grandma is a cussing fiend, well... Just watch what you say. A foul mouth is never a welcome one.
Also included: Always talking down on people

7. Too touchy early on
A little flirty touching in the beginning: Totally cute. Acting like your new crush is your property and touching every inch of them every second you get is not okay. Everyone has their personal bubble... Respect it.
Also included: Being pushy/talking about sexual acts

6. Different levels of the career world
If you're trying to date your boss, I can tell you from experience, it's not going to work no matter how hard you try. It's probably best to date someone out of your field, or within a rank or two.
Also included: Unmotivated/lazy moochers

5. Trying too hard to impress others
Just because you want their friends, family, coworkers to like you, doesn't mean you need to change who you are. Don't make it obvious that you went out of your way to be or like something you normally don't.
Also included: Name-brand-only people

4. Having sex on the first date
You may think it's what he wants, but giving it up on the 1st/2nd date only does two things: Leaves nothing for the imagination and the label of "easy."
Also included: Immediately falling in lust/love

3. Getting shwasted on the first date
So you're going to a bar with your date and both of your friends... That's not another way of saying "going to get hammered." Stay classy, DC. Get to know your date and their friends, and remember it tomorrow.
Also included: Bar dancers

2. Being ignorant to trying new things
So you hate the sound of screaming Rock music, and you think Country is all about losing your wife, your dog, and having an accent. What if that's "the one's" favorite genre of music? Give it a real chance. Don't rule out trying new things... You might like it.
Also included: Extreme home-bodies

1. Smoking
You don't need one more person telling you all the nastiness inside a cigarette or that it's bad for you. Just remember the smell is always lingering, no matter how much you clean. Imagine watching someone drink gasoline and smelling it on them 24/7 [assuming you're normal and don't like that smell]... Not cute.
Also included: Druggies, potheads, coke addicts, alcoholics etc.

Hopefully I've helped each of you either tell your sweetie how to straighten up quick, or realize things you need to work on. Hopefully I didn't make anyone feel like I was attacking them.

Feel free to add to, take away, or comment on this list below!


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