Tuesday, December 8, 2009

on the racks: lindsay lohan does muse

I'll be honest, I've never heard of Muse Magazine until today, but apparently it's a fashion and art magazine, and it's got everyone talking right now.

The newest cover features Lindsay Lohan.

The cover: Not so controversial. The photoshoot inside: Very much so.

I just don't really understand why she's still being featured everywhere. When is the last time she did something worth noting? She's just another Paris Hilton nowadays.

Anyway, I guess it's important to show her in threesomes and showing off her entirely too skinny ass. Apparently it's a beautiful thing, according to the photographer.

"She is stunning and radiates in the pictures. Lindsay is incredibly focused where it comes to her career and fashion is her passion. It's raw, it's exposed, this is her at her best. She told me: 'I want to make this iconic.' "

I must be missing something. I don't find any of these pictures appealing, hott, interesting... They're rather disgusting to me, actually. I'd rather vomit in my mouth than look at these for much longer.

LiLo, girlfriend, please lay off the powder.


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