Wednesday, December 2, 2009

nifty: alcohol pills

This is legitimately the coolest idea I have heard in a long time.

Forget 10 tongued toys, random party must-haves, and package-boosting jeans... THIS... My friends... Is the future:

Alcohol pills.

Pretty soon you won't just be getting high or Robo-trips from pills... You'll be getting drunk.

Some genius Russian professor, AKA my hero, has found a way to turn any liquid into pill form, including liquids containing up to 96% alcohol.

They say the benefits are being able to keep track of your alcohol intake and of course saving yourself from the awful face you make post-shot. I'm wondering if it will also take away the validity of breathalyzers. [Not that it would necessarily be a safe thing, but it'd be kinda cool...]

No matter what it does, it's awesome. Imagine drinking any drink you want, including water, not gaining weight, poppin' a couple pills, and being the same schwastey-face that you're used to!

Ohh, I love how the future is looking.


PS: Some other guy knows how to make home-made vodka pills.... And I shall try it this weekend. Who's with me?!


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of points to make... First, it is pathetic to get so excite over something like this. YOU are pathetic for being so thrilled about making getting shit-faced so much easier. Don't you have better things to do than destroy your brain cells and act like an idiot?
Second of all, there are several obvious risks to the use of alcohol pills that waaayyyyyy outweigh the so-called "benefits" you describe. These pills would make alcohol poisoning so much easier to achieve. Idiot frat boy "drinkers" and people like you popping more than one at a time, for example, or taking them on top of the drinks they've already had would be extremely dangerous. It would make it easier for minors to sneak alcohol into places like bars, putting the owner/manager at risk, or even into schools. This would become like a drug trade among minors and it would escalate out of control extremely quickly.
There is nothing "nifty" about this. I can't believe you would put this on your blog and condone it. Can you at least PRETEND to be a responsible adult?

hickey contest havin bff said...

Mrs. Ploger?? is that youu? I didn't know you still read Beth's blog, welp I'm sorry I didn't see you over thanksgiving but I'll be sure to stop by when I'm home over christmas break!