Monday, December 7, 2009

morning hangover 120709

Good morning darlings and happy Monday! Let's make this week a good one, shall we?!

  • Tiger Woods is thankful for his fans.
    I wonder if he's thankful for even more women coming to claim affairs, too...
  • Looking for a quick holiday romance? Here are some guys and ladies you should avoid. [Why do I seem to be listed a bunch of times?! Dangit.]
  • This wallpaper is totally rad and customizable!
  • The BCS bowls were announced yesterday. If cheerleaders were the ones competing, who would win?
  • It's guys like these that have me thinking salt and pepper hair is totally hott.
  • The fourth sexual orientation is becoming more popular, bringing even more questions of course.
  • Another reason to love monkeys: They totally heart Facebook.
  • Ever wonder what kind of toys come in boxes of Cracker Jack?! Here ya go!
  • I have no idea what she's wearing or why, [they say it's for a video] but Rihanna's outfit is a little odd and something is slipping.
  • This sculpture of Brangelina contains pieces of their actual DNA... Weird.
  • This is scary and I hate it.
  • Just for laughs.
  • Oh my word... This lady really hates her mother.. And she wants a lot of attention. And a knife. [Language SO NSFW..] Ohh public transportation....

  • Heartbreaking/most ridiculous/BS video of the day:

Enjoy your procrastination!


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