Monday, November 16, 2009

watch: crackhead vs. laser pointer

I love the ol' get-the-cat-to-chase-the-laser-pointer game. It never gets old. You make them keep running in circles over and over again.

Imagine if you could get a human to do the same thing. You'd probably have to get someone who was a little chemically imbalanced....

...Like maybe.... A crackhead.

That really happened. Oh my goodness. That is a grown man chasing a laser pointer around the street for MINUTES. That's out of control.

I think this could even be better than the drunkest man ever. I'd be way more embarrassed if I was found chasing a light than if I couldn't purchase another beer.

Good luck in life, man... I hope it works out for ya.
To the genius guys who taped this: Thank you.


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