Friday, November 27, 2009

vince young and the high five

After kneeling down for a final time Monday night, Vince Young walked off the field as any player would. But he added a little zing to his exit.

As he turned around to head off the field, he crossed paths with one of the referees and simply put up his hand giving the sign for a high five.

Now if I was a ref, I’m pretty sure it’s not a good thing to high five a player so I’d have to turn down Vince on the offer. But noooo, not this zebra! He held his hand high and proud as he clapped palms with Young.

To read more about what happened after the high-five from Mikey P, click here!

1 comment:

rakeback said...

Vince turned things around 180 degrees from where he was last season, and its good to see that he has the full confidence of his teammates. He doesnt throw the ball well, but he finds a way to win games.