Monday, November 30, 2009

nifty website: make a dare

I saw people playing the "Truth or Dare" iPhone app the other night and immediately wanted to bring back the old middle-school-party tradition. Who says you're ever too old for such a game?!

Well, apparently I'm not the only one who thinks there's no such thing as being too cool for a double-dog-dare. There's a whole website devoted to daring people to do things, and completing the dare! [Because let's face it... No one likes it when you pick "truth" anyway.]

It's, and I've been going through this thing for hours now.

It's good for everyone! You can be creative and come up with the dares to post, you can be brave and complete the dares on video, or you can be a big p-word like me and just watch everyone do their thing.

Some of the good ones I saw:
  • Play the lying down game. [Take pictures of yourself lying down in weird places.]
  • Do a Buddy the Elf Santa scream. [Video]
  • Flush your head down the toilet. [Video]
There's seriously a million and one different categories, types, whatever of dares you can do/challenge. Pain, food, humiliation, and physical are the main ones, but can you imagine the possibilities?!

I'm going to surf through some more, but I want to complete one no matter what within the next week... Or maybe I'll wait 'til Mikey P gets home so we can visit Santa in awkward sweaters and both do Buddy screams. Then we could earn some streetcred. [That's how they measure your coolness... In streetcred. My current score: 0. Yikes.]

Do you have a good dare? Post it on the website, or even leave it here! I'd love to complete personalized ones!

Have fun wasting time on this website. You're welcome.


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