Wednesday, November 4, 2009

nifty: luggage furniture

Unfortunately, I'm not a big traveler... I'm way too broke to do such things. BUT! If I did... I know for a fact I'd want this luggage in my life pronto.

When you're first looking at it, it seems a little awkward and not so fashionable, cute, whatever.

They look kind of like Tetris pieces, right?! That's because they basically are, except they go together to turn into a COUCH!

How sweet is that?!

Sure it doesn't all match, but imagine having your own chill space in the airport or wherever you go, whenever you want! You have a bed for goodness sake!

This is also a homeless person's dream. Being able to carry all their stuff around and then sleep on it comfortably is probably the dream they have every day.

I enjoy every inch of this set. I wish I had a reason to get it.


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Libby said...

foresee a problem with this luggage: by the time you get your ticket, you've already checked your luggage, right? I mean, one person can't have five carryons, and five people wouldn't fit on the couch.