Tuesday, November 3, 2009

morning hangover 110309

Good morning, rise and shine, my darlings!

Tuesdays. Nothing special about Tuesdays. Let's make it good, though!

  • Find out what Obama would be wearing today if he was in your city and get the weather forecast!
  • Imagine being in jail for life without parole at the age of 16 for killing your abusive pimp that you had when you were only 11.
  • There really are still pigeons that deliver things from miles away. I wish they could deliver my memory card.
  • If you can't fall in love, find a woman to marry who's willing to let you perform as many surgeries as you wish until she's your type. [For the record- I liked her way better before.]
  • All a drug dealer has to do to legally make money is sue their cities?! What?!
  • SHUT UP! They have Olympics for old people!!
  • What a great snuggle toy: A uterus pillow!
  • A great theme to pimp your car out to: Pacman
  • Check out Chris Brown's new album cover:
  • Probably one of the more hilarious Facebook status threads I've ever seen... Typecasting.
  • More of the Real World DC house!! The 2 most intriguing areas: The hot tub and the confessional.

  • I'm so glad someone made this... A response to "NO HOMO" and the official breakdown of the term. All you guys need to watch this right now.

  • OMG: Forklift EPIC FAIL.

The end! Have a terrific Tuesday, darlings!


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