Friday, November 20, 2009

just because: suri cruise wears high heels when shopping

If you didn't already know, Suri Cruise is my favorite little Hollywood tot. It's not because I love her parents, because really- Tom Cruise is meh to me, and Katie was better during her Dawson's Creek days.

So... Just because I heart her, and this is some huge controversy, I shall share with you pictures of little Suri shopping with Mom the other day.

The reason everyone is freaking out is because she has heels on, and it looks like she's twisting her ankle, so Katie should be punished or something for making Suri do that.

Part of me says: SO WHAT! A girl likes to play dress-up in heels, she's preparing for her big-girl Hollywood days, let her wear little heels if she wants!

Then I think about the fact that she's shopping, and how I hate when girls where heels while shopping in general.

Then again.... She's a total celeb, and she's gotta learn how to look her absolute best at all times, right?!

So I'm torn. Is it a good, bad, or neutral thing?! A 3 year old wearing heels paired with precious pigtails and an adorable red coat...

Keep on doin' your thang, Suri!


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