Tuesday, October 27, 2009

watch eTV: finding RWDC, the ish she shoulda shown part 1

As I said in my last episode, I am doing more episodes of elizabethanyTV's Finding the Real World DC Cast. The catch: It's footage I filmed during the adventure that is worth sharing, but would have been silly to share before for whatever reason.

This first part is from the last week the roommates were here. I took out two of my coworkers and had a hilarious night on the town and in front of the house. If you look closely, you can totally count some of it as footage.

I love my hilarious friends.

Stay tuned for more! And like I said, love, hate, watch, retweet... And leave your comments below.



dcnormal said...

The "ish" you shoulda shown is you actually doing something other than recording yourself hanging out with your friends and doing bad up-close shots of yourself. Typical Elizabethany stuff...all talk, no (inter)action...Stick with waitressing. Please.

elizabethany said...

There are tons of eTV episodes showing our interaction! Feel free to check them out!

Thanks for watching!!!! :)