Monday, October 26, 2009

watch: 4 year old hip hop dancer on ellen

I'm starting to have panic attacks because of how many saved Ellens I have on my DVR right now that need to be watched. It's not good.

I've been YouTubing some of it, though, and I plan to do a lot of catching up today. That being said, I found this clip of her show and had to share it immediately.

Two things Ellen loves: Kids and dancing.

This 4 year old, Miles Brown, has 'em both covered. He's a precious little boy with a huge afro. Ellen, as usual, knows exactly the right things to say when talking to a kid to get everyone laughing.

Oh.. Uh... Okay.. I guess you're done with the show, Mr. Brown. Exit back left whenever you please.

Seriously... How precious is his afro?! His hat doesn't even fit on it! He totally looks like a cartoon or doll of some sort prancing around the stage.

And... He is TOTALLY talented! Give him another year or two and imagine the possibilities. He'll be all over Chris Brown and Missy Elliot videos in no time and I can't wait! [Aw! It could be like big and little Brown!]

I vow to catch up on Ellen today and update you with the best parts tomorrow... Because we all know that everyone needs a little Ellen in their life as much as possible.


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