Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tunes on tuesday 102709

Woohoo!!! Tunes on Tuesday! This is my 3rd in a row! Are you so excited?! I know I am!

First up--> Chris Brown's new video for I Can Transform Ya

I'm officially excited. I love the video! I was a little worried he'd come back a different artist, but he's totally not! He's got the dance moves, a long dance that I want to teach myself, and looks good! Plus, it's got great effects! I love it. Thank goodness.

Justin Bieber--> Love Me

Oh man... I got very scared when I saw he had another song because they can only mean one thing for radio stations: millions more calls. I actually.... I kinda like this song. Is that bad? I always was a teeny bopper....

Gucci Mane ft. Usher--> Spotlight

I really don't know how I feel about Gucci Mane. He's not my favorite.... But I love Usher. I wish someone else would have done this song instead of Gucci Mane. It has serious potential.

JLS--> Everybody in Love

Another group that I've never heard anything about, but I totally like them. They're British, totally cute, and worth a download. I love guy groups. :)

Dirty Money--> Love Come Down

Ugh... I just don't know how I feel about this trio. It's Diddy, Dawn Richard, and some girl named Kalenna. I feel like it's going to be another FAIL on Diddy's part, which makes me sad for Dawn. She's so good! She's the best part about this song, and maybe the only part I really like.

Mika--> Blame It On The Girls

"Hot new music"?!?! I think not. Someone's gotta be joking, right?!

Joe Nichols--> Gimme That Girl
It's a good song! I like Joe Nichols. It's cute.

Ash Bowers--> Stuck
A lot of people can probably relate to this song... Especially if you feel like you need a change in your life. I enjoy.

Bomshel--> 19 and Crazy
Cute song about exactly what the title says- Being 19 and crazy. College country gals will love it, fo sho.

Bucky Covington--> Gotta Be Somebody
His own cover of Nickelback's song.

Derek Sholl--> When They Come Back
A little emotional, but a great song for parents. Send it to yours and they'll love it if they're anything like mine.

The Band Perry--> Hip to My Heart
It's cute. I don't know if it'll be huge or if they will be, but it's not bad.

Zona Jones--> Day Off
It's a quirky song and I totally love it. Yesyes.

Alright, that's going to do it! Wahoo! Downloading time!


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