Tuesday, October 27, 2009

cheering up the redskins fans

I don't even know if it's worth it to say it's tough being a Redskins fan right now. That's pointless. First of all- It's always tough being a 'Skins fan, and second- At this point, it's almost funny how terrible we're doing. I literally laughed when Rabach hit the ball on his ass and fumbled it.

I guess the only good thing about our team at this point are our cheerleaders. And by good I mean good looking because they're not very talented.

So, fellow Redskins fans, I want to give you something to look at, that has to do with our beloved Washington team, that won't have you crying.

The Redskins cheerleaders in Maxim:

Sigh. They're not even the most attractive girls I've ever seen cheer in the NFL.

How about some funny pictures? Something that you're supposed to laugh at...

Okay.. Actually... I'm just getting depressed.

Hail... to the.... Redskins........ Always.......


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