Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tunes on tuesday 102009

Hello and welcome back! It's time for TUNES ON TUESDAY! Get ready to download some hot new songs!

Lady Gaga--> Bad Romance

This is going to be the 6th single from her album! She's re-releasing the album and this will be the first single. The girl is on a roll. I don't know if I like this one as much as past songs, and I still think she's weird... But there's no stopping her.

Rihanna--> Russian Roulette

She's backkkk! Finally she's out with a new single! I enjoy it. I enjoy her music. I always have.

Kandi--> Fly Above

I'm not sure who this girl is, but I totally dig this song! Yesyesyes.

Rick Ross ft. Robin Thicke--> Lay Back

Robin Thicke is helpin' out everyone, eh?! I was never a huge Rick Ross fan, but it's not bad.

Orianthi--> According To You

Sing it, sista! This chic is rockin' out! I am too, to be honest! Downloading now.

Shakira ft. Lil Wayne--> Give It Up To Me

I think this is the first song of hers that I've actually liked... At least a little bit. She's hott, but her music is interesting to me... In not so much of a good way.

Timbaland--> Morning After Dark

Imagine that... Tons of autotuning... It's got a good beat, though. I can rock to it.

Mariah Carey--> H.A.T.E. U

This song reminds me of her song "Mine Again" from E=MC2 I think... It's uber slow, and totally sensual. I wonder if my WVU boys agree.

Daughtry--> Life After You

Another person who's unstoppable: Daughtry. Another successful song in my book. I just want to rub on his shiny bald head.

Kristinia DeBarge--> Future Love

I think I've said it before, but this girl totally reminds me of a young Rihanna, and I LOVE young Rihanna's music! She's really good. I wish she would get a little more exposure, to be honest. An interview would be super sweet, too.

Gretchen Wilson--> Work Hard, Play Harder

Oh hello song that completes the story of my current life.. Nice to meet you. Totally a great song.

Rodney Atkins--> Chasin' Girls

I like Rodney... His songs are fun and funny and true. Everyone should invest in this song... It's cute.. Even for guys.

Blake Shelton ft. Trace Adkins--> Hillbilly Bone
Amazing... If you like country music.

And that's the end! Enjoy the new music!


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Milfypoo said...

Ummmm...Elizabethany, you don't remember Kandi from when she was in Xscape with Tiny?