Monday, September 28, 2009

watch: kids dancing to britney

Ohhh my goodness this is precious.

I've seen babies dancing to Beyonce over and over again, but I never saw any dancing to my BritBrit. [Maybe it's because their parents are a little more embarrassed, who knows... They shouldn't be! Not anymore, anyway...]

Well, now my dreams have come true. Okay.. I haven't been dreaming about babies dancing to B. Spears. That's a little awkward. I have been yearning to see it, though.

...Wait. That sounds like I want to see child porn or something. That's not okay. Ah. Anyway... Check out all these precious little things dancing to Britney Spears:

Oh... That musta been his ringtone for his imaginary cell phone I bet... Good choice, kid. Don't let your boys tell you otherwise.

I know, dude... That songs makes me wanna move and get crazy as soon as it comes on, too.

The fact that I learned some words thanks to her singing is embarrassing. This 3 year-old must love her Britney. I wonder what she'll think when she's old enough to actually know what she's singing.

She may not know all the words, but she gets the point. She's also about to learn the importance of chair dancing.

You know you have a good kid when they start dancing as soon as Britney comes on, and then crank up the volume.

It's also a good sign when they drop all their toys when BritBrit comes on so they can make their way over to her on the TV.

This one actually leaves me speechless... And rather scared... So maybe I should stop.

So how about that BEYONCE?! Do you have babies just dropping everything for you?

I can't wait until one of these lil kiddies are my own. My kids will for sure like her, just like many people a little younger than me loved MJ because of their parents.


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