Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the craziest car interiors ever

I've always wanted to get an old VW Bus and pimp it out hard core. Get some nice big couches in there, a kegorator, a good sound system, and maybe a nice TV or something. It would probably be hot pink, yellow, and orange inside since those are the colors of everything in my life.

Anyway, sometimes when I can't make things happen, I like to live vicariously through others. I shall do that now.

These cars have some of the most outrageous pimped out interiors you probably never thought it was possible.

This takes "iced out" to a whole new level.

This is just scary and would make me run far, far away.

Who loves pink?! How 'bout some Luis Voutton with that?!

This is how I imagine my Bus... Uber comfy seating.

For all you Hello Kitty fans... I thought that fad died years ago.

This is a 2003 Civic.... Worth over $235,000. I know someone who would probably kill for this thing.

Gold and mahogany to add to your bling, sir?

Just in case you weren't geeky enough...

Combine the comfy seating with this EL CAMINO and I have my dream VW Bus. Swivel seating: totally dangerous, but uber desirable.

As for this... It just makes my head hurt.

I mean, seriously... Imagine meeting someone with any of these cars. You'd never stop talking about it.

They give me inspiration and I thank them and their owners for it.



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